Pilots For Christ,
On behalf of my non profit service dog organization Working Dogs For Vets, and myself, I would like to express our magnitude of appreciation for your kind generosity in providing my service dog in training Steele and I a round trip flight from Cincinnati Ohio to Lawrenceburg Tennessee.  Your kindness not only helped my healing process with Steele and his training, but you also helped over 700 other disabled veteran's as well.  By providing me with this flight, I was able to assist my organization with essential paperwork processing, allowing us to reach more disabled veteran's and shelter dogs in need.
It was such a great pleasure, and everyone was so kind, on top of the flights being two of the best times Steele and I have ever shared together.  We look forward to possible future flights with your program, and again we all Thank You!

Mandi Tracy Bitto
Working Dogs For Vets


On November 1, 2017, my husband Jimmy was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. We decided to seek treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago. God would provide a way for us to get from home in Kentucky to the hospital, we just didn't know how! After contacting several organizations, we got a call one Saturday from Dick White of Cincinnati Pilots for Christ asking if they could help. It was our answer to prayer! God has blessed us yet again by putting these wonderful people in our lives. They so unselfishly donate their time, planes and resources to help patients in need.We will forever be grateful to Pilots for Christ and we pray that God will continue to bless them and help them to help others. God bless you all!

Denese Deaton

    My name is Montana Cole and I would like to share a little of my story. I am 19 years old and have battled severe health problems for over 6 years. Over this time my family went from specialist to specialist fighting for my health and after spending thousands of dollars my body was done fighting. On March 26, 2015 I didn't feel well and sat down and within 5 minutes I couldn't stand back up. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My family did lots of research for answers and found a clinic in Kansas that we believed could help. I have made small amounts of progress, gaining feeling and movement back in my toes. It is a very expensive treatment program so we have spent over 100 thousand dollars to get me better. I can now walk but still have balance, coordination, and many other health problems.

     Before my last trip to Kansas I was scrolling through Facebook and Pilots for Christ popped up so I read about what they do. It was amazing reading about all the people they have helped. I talked to my mom and we called to see if they could help me. Indeed Pilots for Christ purchased the airline tickets for me and my mom to fly to Kansas for treatment. It was such a blessing to know that complete strangers would help me keep fighting this battle! They took such a burden off our shoulders by getting us to Kansas without worrying about paying for it. There is no way to truly thank someone that has helped you in such a large way. God bless all those at Pilots for Christ! 

Montana Cole

I first came across Pilots for Christ on Pinterest while searching the internet for missionary flying. After making all arrangements, the Cincinnati chapter flew me from my home to Atlanta to connect with my ministry team so we could all travel together to Singapore. It was a huge blessing to have this help! The pilots truly have a heart for serving and they took great care of me. I felt very safe and enjoyed our time in the air. Thank you for helping this missionary fulfill the call to go into all the nations! Pilots for Christ has been a big part of this accomplishment.

Ruth Baker in Cincinnati

To Pilots for Christ:

My wife and I host children for Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. We were in St Augustine, Florida when we found out that our host child Marie would have to return to Cincinnati on very short notice. We had returned to Cincinnati on two other occassions and had to pay for the airline costs. Needless to say, those trips were very expensive.

When we learned about Pilots for Christ program we were happy and relieved.  We recieved a call from the co-ordinator who told us about the program, helped us with the paperwork and assured us everything would be taken care of for the flight. A few days later Marie and I were at the local airport waiting for the plane. We would take the first plane to the meet point in the Carolinas. The pilot was awesome. He let Marie sit up front. She got to see all the controls, listen to the control towers and feel a part of being a co-pilot. She was so excited. Her excitement in flying in the plane helped relieve the anxiety of leaving Florida and traveling so far to be in Cincinnati and the upcoming hospital visit. We landed and met the second pilot. He was as nice as the first and we got to fly in a different style plane which was really neat. A few hours later we were in Lebanon, Ohio and taking pictures with the pilot and another family there.

I cannot say in words what the Pilots for Christ program does for the families and the children in need of transportation and support at such a critical time. It is simply a great group of people making a positive impact on all of us. Our thanks and sincere appreciation seems so inadequate. We do believe that it should be said more often to those doing this most important work; "you make a difference"!

Dave & Marie

Dear Cincinnati Pilots For Christ,

Thank you again to Pilots for Christ; we are so grateful.  Our trustees would like to sincerely thank all of our friends who prayed for Nancy Atieno Owuor from Kenya during her trip to the USA to receive a prosthetic leg.  The trip could not have been more successful. Judith (one of our partners) and Nancy left with new suitcases filled with supplies for the orphans, a laptop for the organization we partner with, funds for a well and supplies for Nancy's new leg.  Your partnership was invaluable!  The greatest testimony is the fact that Nancy committed her life to Christ in May while at a church in North Carolina.

Thank you for helping us change one life at a time!



From Mark and Gina living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have been so blessed with 7 biological children, 2 adopted and 2 medical foster children. Our lives are full and busy! Pilot’s for Christ has so richly blessed us with their time, skills and service on a number of occasions. 

Our foster daughter, Berenice, has family in Tulsa, OK, however her medical care is here in Cincinnati at Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  Berenice suffers from a tumor disorder that has left her dependent on strict medical care.  Without getting her back and forth to her surgeon she would not get the necessary help that she needs. Pilot’s for Christ has provided this critical transportation with love and support. They have been a sweet witness for Christ by sharing His love along with selfless acts of service. Our family is incredibly thankful and blessed!!!  I’m praying that the Lord will bless this ministry with the support they need so as to provide help for the many children who truly need this type of transportation care.

So Very Blessed,

Mark, Gina, Noah, Christian, Gabrielle, Grace, Netsai (Zimbabwe), Berenice (Mexico), Joy, Hope (China), Renata (Indonesia), Mercy and Mary


We contacted Pilots for Christ to assist us with transportation for our daughter who has a chronic health condition.  During this timeframe, we were struggling with paying for treatment that was not covered by medical insurance and the cost and physical toll of multiple trips between home and the treatment center 800 miles away.  I was driving my wife and daughter to the treatment center, then renting a car to drive home so I could work while they were at treatment.  Several weeks later, I would make the 800 mile trip to pick them up again.  My wife heard of Pilots for Christ through her network of medical contacts and she said they may be able to provide travel for me so I wouldn't have to drive.  It sounded too good to be true, but after contacting them, they quickly worked to arrange for my travel by air.  It was a big relief financially, but even more importantly it made it much less stressful to get my daughter and wife back and forth between the treatment center.  It was a pleasure working with my contacts at Pilots for Christ as they provided two free airline trips.  Pilots for Christ was a true blessing in our lives.

Tim from Ohio

Dear Mr Estell and Pilots For Christ,

Rachel and I are really thankful for all the effort and sacrifice you made to bless us! Definitely you are an answer to my prayers.    Praise the Lord, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his faithful love endures forever. Psalm 106 vs. 7

We really appreciate all you have done for us. Our son Grant is doing awesome. His surgery went very well, great results. His airway is looking good. Over the summer Grant went  horseback riding  and plays baseball through Miracle League. He just received his first trophy. We are very proud of him, he is talking more. He sings and gets the words out. I do  thank God for you and your ministry and ask Jesus for blessings for you.
Dave, Tamara and Grant

Mr. Bob,
Our wish is that you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Our wish is extended to Mr. Dennis Estell, Mr. Jim Sutter and rest of the group of your generous organization.  We have been blessed with your generosity and kindness.  My gratitude to you is immense and I admire all of you for what you do.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Pilot Bob and Pilot Dennis (and the rest of the crew),
I thank you for your service and it has been a blessing and I hope you have a merry Christmas!!


As a busy Pastor, I for one, have been blessed by Pilots for Christ.  In 2007, with much going on, I was invited to speak at a camp in Michigan.  Living in Cincinnati it made it much more feasible for me to be able to take off on a Friday, arrive in upper Michigan Friday afternoon, preach Friday evening and most of Saturday and arrive back home Saturday night in order to preach Sunday.  It was a tremendous blessing for me.  I appreciate so much the servanthood and the heart with those who work for Pilots for Christ.  God is using this ministry for Him for which many are grateful.

Sincerely yours,
Brent Snook
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Glen Este